Donation platform
for a greener earth


Justdiggit is an Amsterdam based non-profit organisation with a mission to cool down the earth by making Africa greener. When donating for Justdiggit, you pay farmers in Africa to dig bunds (moon shaped holes) that enforce and stimulate growth in dry areas by retaining water after the rainy season. Their outdated donation platform needed an experience and visual improvement to display live impact of donations.


The user onboarding was improved by making it more personal and adding a step-by-step wizard to guide first time users through the donation plaform. A timeline, supporting text and imagery from farmers and Justdiggit stakeholders, was added to keep track of live impact. Finally overall visual design was updated. The web donation platform flow and timeline were additionally recreated in a Facebook Messenger chatbot flow which also allows users to donate and keep track of impact.


Amsterdam 2018 @ Dept Agency

My Role

UX & Visual design


UX Design - Franklin Schamhart
Project management - Koen Schunselaar


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Drone shot of bunds being dug in Tanzania’s dry season.

The interactive timeline allows user to keep track of their donation impact.

The same timeline was designed and implemented for Facebook.

Multiple modal designs with personal sayings from Tanzania.

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UX Design

Next project: Grand'Italia

Pasta Maestro
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