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Curio, formerly ROC West-Brabant, is a regional education center that provides VMBO, MBO and VO education at 55 different locations in the Netherlands. Before the transformation into Curio, its schools and studies had separate websites producing an inconsistent and cluttered overview. The goal of this project was to design one central place for all studies and schools, as well as applying the new branding guidelines created by Studio Dumbar to a newly designed user experience.


Me and UX designer Carolina Novais started with a dedicated research, examining all 55 education websites to determine content overlap and inconsistensies. By designing one fit for all wireframe templates I managed to give space for content of every school without losing its own characteristics. The user experience for choosing a school or study was improved as well as the overall look and feel.


Amsterdam 2019 @ Dept Agency

My Role

UX design


UX design - Carolina Novais
Visual design - Carsten Meinecke
Visual design - Mike de Jong
Project management - Freija Stokmans


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Wireframe templates for schools, studies, documents and more.

Schools pages with learning paths, characteristics, videos and more.

Study pages with learning paths, level indicators, areas of work, impressions and more.

A collection of snapshots that improved the user experience by approaching the study choosing prcess more personal and focussed.

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UX & Visual design

Next project: Justdiggit

Donation platform
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UX & Visual design