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The McDonald's Christmas Advent Calendar has been a national hit for years. Owners of this calendar may open one box a day containing special product day deals or exclusive McDonald's Christmas prizes. As people were unable to go to restaurants last year due to COVID, McDonald's decided to release the calendar digitally with daily playable mobile games: 'McDonalds X-MASters'. TBWA was again asked to make this edition an even bigger succes than the year before.


Last year, X-MASters did not use well-thought-out wireframes and UX flows. I was asked to first improve the entire UX flow for the dashboard, onboarding, games and more. In addition, I was also asked to contribute to the further visual implementation of the X-MASters campaign. With a production rate of about 2 to 3 games per day, we worked for about a month to complete the final digital product. The final application had a total of 2+ million users with 250,000+ active users per day.


Amsterdam 2021 @ TBWA\X

My Role

UX Design, UI design & Illustration


Digital design - Paul Duijser
Digital design - Colin Tossijn
Digital design - Jeroen von Faber
Digital creative - Anouk Inden
Project management - Roderick Prince

The official X-MASters commercial broadcast on national TV in the Netherlands.

Flowcharts and wireframes

Considering that X-MASters didn't use UX designs last year, there was a lot for me to improve. By first recreating flowcharts I was then able to rethink the entire user flow of X-MASters. A selection of specific UX improvements by me are: the dashboard experience has been improved by increasing the medal visuals and splitting super challenge (achievements) games into two separate tabs, UI controls have been made consistent across all screens, game pause screens were added for more user control and redundant screens were removed.

I started by creating new wireframes based on X-MASters 2020 UI flow with significant UX improvements.

UI design, game design and illustrations

Using all of my wireframes previously created, we then used the refreshing cartoonish style to create the McDonald's dashboard, onboarding flow, X Medal overview, X Medal details, popups, loaders and redesign game flows. In addition, I illustrated assets that were needed along the way in the design process.

Using the new cartoonish visual style for X-MASters, Paul and I redesigned the wireframes, resulting in a playful and colorful user interface.

A selection of illustrations I've made for X-MASter's interface and games.

McDonald’s brand retro games

This year's game concepts were partly repeats from last year, but also brand new ones. All game concepts were old retro concepts like snake, bejeweled, tetris and memory. Using the newly designed cartoonish visual style, we have rebranded these games as McDonald's branded versions such as; McFlurry Slicer (Fruit Ninja), Burger Blast (Breakout), and Snack Man (Pacman). We have created more than 23 games, including interfaces, illustrations, secret levels and multiple modes.

A wide selection of games I contributed to in concepting, UI and visual design.

Next project: Intertrust Group

Design System for
20+ applications

Team lead, UX & Visual design

Next project: Intertrust Group

Design System for
20+ applications

Team lead, UX & Visual design